I'd love to shoot if you're ever in LA. :)

I’m definitely down, if you’re ever in the SF lmk

Your work is legendary. You're a big inspiration. Keep on shining.

I appreciate the love man

hey man whats your go to set up to shoot with? your shit is on point.

thanks for the love.

I gotta Mk 3 with a 24-105 kit lens.

I’ve shot with both Canon and Nikon as well as some cheap film cameras.

It’s all about what flows for you and what feels comfortable. All cameras do the same thing so just make sure you stay inspired and keep shootin

You are honestly one of my top favorite photographers! I follow you on Instagram and I am a huge fan of your work! I'm kind of a beginner to the photography thing but I fell in love with it and your work inspired me! I hope someday I will be as good as you! :)

Thank you for the praises. It’s people like you that inspire me to keep working hard.

If you’re shooting now, then you’re already on your way. It’s all about finding your own flow of creativity and committing to it’s greatness. Don’t let anything take you down, stay inspired, surround yourself inspirational people and keep shootin!